HL Marsay


HL Marsay is the author of the Chief Inspector Shadow Mysteries.
The fifth book, A ForgottenShadow is out 4th August 2022.
Published by www.tulepublushing.com
CWA Member.


About HL Marsay

H L Marsay has always loved reading detective stories and promised herself that some day, she would write one too. Fortunately, living in York, a city full of history and mystery, she is never short of inspiration. When she isn’t coming up with new ways to bump people off, she enjoys red wine, dark chocolate and blue cheese – not necessarily together!



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A Forgotten Shadow 

August 4, 2022

If the past comes knocking, will you dare to answer?
When Detective Chief Inspector John Shadow is called to Kirkdale Castle to investigate the death of a handsome racehorse trainer during a shooting party, he’s immersed in painful childhood memories. His father had been shot in the line of duty at Kirkdale, but his killer was never apprehended. Shadow suspects the two deaths may be linked and is determined to discover the truth, but dealing with the aristocracy is more complicated than he bargained for and the inhabitants of Kirkdale Castle are as unhelpful as ever.
John Shadow is a man of contradictions. A solitary figure who notices the smallest detail about other people, but endeavours to avoid their company. A lover of good food, but whose fridge is almost always empty. Though he would prefer to work alone, he is assisted by his eager partner Sergeant Jimmy Chang.
Can the men work together through the web of deceit and corruption to find the killer, clear an innocent man’s name, and solve the mystery clouding Shadow’s past?

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